Leica Camera AG and LFI present: the Me and My Leica X Photo Contest

Leica Camera AG, Solms, and LFI Photographie GmbH are holding an exclusive photo contest for Leica X users.

Under the motto ‘Me and My Leica X Photo Contest’, anyone who uses a Leica X Vario, X2 or X1 can submit their own, very personal, special moments captured with an X camera and have the chance to win one of a number of exciting prizes (entries may be submitted to www.lfi-online.de/en/xcontest; the contest closes on 28 February 2014). There are no limits to your creativity – you can send us photos from your travels, spontaneous snapshots, single pictures or a whole series.

We will select two sets of ten top pictures from all the entries received – ten from the X Vario and ten from the X Prime models (X1 or X2). The first-place prizes in each of the two categories (X Vario and X Prime) are exclusive invitations to the inaugural event at the opening of the new company complex in the Leitz Park in Wetzlar – including all travel and overnight accommodation. What’s more, interviews with the two winners will also be published on the Leica Blog along with their pictures. The second-place prizes are accessories for Leica X cameras valued at 500 euros and publication of the winners’ pictures on the blog. The winners placed third to tenth place in each category will all receive a free six-month subscription to LFI. The winners will be announced in March 2014.

The contest takes place in the LFI Gallery. Anyone wishing to take part must register for the contest before pictures can be submitted. The pictures submitted must have been taken with a camera model from the X segment (Leica X Vario, X2 or X1). Submissions may be in colour or black and white and in portrait or landscape format. Photographers taking part in the contest may submit a maximum of ten pictures. The best series or the best single picture will be judged. More information about the contest and the terms and conditions of entry can be found at www.lfi-online.de/en/xcontest.

About Leica Camera

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