photokina 2014: Leica to Present New High-End Camera Leica S Featuring Leica MAESTRO II Processor built on Fujitsu Technology

Joint presence at leading photo trade fair from September16-21, 2014, underscores longstanding development relationship

Leica Camera AG and Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) will be presenting a new Leica S camera that features the Leica MAESTRO II image processor at the photokina exhibition to be held in Cologne, Germany, from September 16 - 21 (booth A002, hall 01.1). The Leica S-System is a purely digital high-end camera system built for professional photographers. Small medium-format cameras offer excellent imaging quality and user experiences due to the high-definition imagery, fast processing speeds, and low power consumption that the Fujitsu Milbeaut series of image processing devices for cameras is able to provide.

Leica MAESTRO II has been built upon the latest technology from Fujitsu’s Milbeaut series. It features improved image processing algorithms and faster CPUs. The combined faster operation of both software and hardware enables superior image processing performance.

The joint presence at photokina underscores the longstanding and successful relationship between Leica and FSEU.

Fujitsu Milbeaut series

Due to increasingly higher requirements with respect to image quality, demand for faster image processing systems, which at the same time guarantee low power consumption, continues to grow. Widely used in digital single-lens reflex (SLR), compact digital still, and mobile phone cameras, the Milbeaut series meets current market demands. Fujitsu Milbeaut technology offers various image processing and interface functions on a single chip as required by these cameras, including video and audio support.

Dr. Volker Zimmer, Head of the Digital Imaging Division of Leica, commented, “Leica delivers cutting-edge technology to professional photographers around the world. Therefore, we rely on strong technology partners such as Fujitsu who provide us with state-of-the-art imaging solutions. MAESTRO II will deliver excellent performance for our key customers.”

Strategic cooperation

In 2008, Leica and FSEU introduced a co-developed image processing system solution for high-end digital SLR cameras to be featured in Leica’s next generation cameras. For this joint development, Leica and FSEU established a team of dedicated hardware and software engineers to leverage the company’s expertise and know-how. By combining the strengths of FSEU’s image-processing Milbeaut technologies with Leica’s high-definition imaging technologies, the companies offer an industry-leading image processing solution that is also featured in the new Leica S.

“Solutions like the Leica MAESTRO II image processor presented at Photokina are the result of a long-standing development partnership with Leica,” said Markus Mierse, Senior Director of the Imaging Business Unit of FSEU. “We will be building on this successful cooperation to keep delivering outstanding high-end cameras that combine Leica’s expertise and reputation in the camera industry with our Milbeaut image processing LSI technology.”


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