New firmware updates for Leica S cameras can be downloaded now

New firmware updates are available for the following Leica S-System cameras – Leica S (Typ 007) and Leica S/S-E (Typ 006). Registered camera owners can log in to the Leica Owner’s Area at ( and download the new firmware (Leica S) and 2.5.0 (Leica S/S-E) or take their camera to a Leica Store for a free update and expert advice on Leica products.

Leica works constantly in close collaboration with users on the further development and optimisation of its products. Due to this policy, a number of improvements in this latest firmware update for the Leica S are based on the recommendations and suggestions of professional photographers and concrete wishes expressed by customers.

The new features of Firmware for the Leica S include, for example, a revised layout for the top deck display panel that now provides even more information. The new ‘Rating Function’ is supported by Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and Bridge CC software, and improves the workflow of selecting images. Now, users have much faster access to the images they have tagged.

Also new is that the most recently used zoom setting in review mode is now saved. This enables faster assessment of image sharpness/focus when reviewing a specific part of the picture again. Distances displayed on the top deck panel can now also be shown in ‘feet’ and it is now possible to show the remaining recording time when shooting video. Also new is the ‘PC’ symbol, which indicates when the camera is connected to a computer. In addition to the above, the first resistance point of the shutter release now displays the number of exposures remaining for sequential shooting (maximum buffer memory) in the viewfinder and the new icon ‘mirror-up’ now appears for the first time on the camera monitor screen.

Press Release - Leica Firmware Update

Date: 09/2016 Format: PDF (62.45 kB)
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