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The mission of the Leica Akademie is to increase the pleasure of photography, share knowledge and bring a total Leica experience to a new generation of photographers. We look forward to welcoming you to any number of our experimental workshops worldwide.

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We train your eye
for the perfect picture

Not only in photo workshops, but in our photo excursions as well.

We’ll guide you on your way to creating the perfect picture, and show you special opportunities and extraordinary places with a qualified professional from the Leica Akademie to provide individual photo support.

Knack. Know-how.

The aim of our Akademie is to help our customers improve their photo skills and to promote photographic expertise. It makes no difference whether you are an experienced Leica photographer or an absolute beginner.

At the same time, there’s no better way to discover the world of Leica products. And we want to share our valuable experience with the world, which is why Leica’s satellite academies offer targeted programs in many other countries.