The 2017 Annual fall meeting in Chicago. October 5th-8th. All are welcome!


 About the LHSA

LHSA -The International Leica Society is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to all aspects of the Leica camera, including photography, research, history, documentation and collecting.

Members’ interests overflow from active hands-on photography to research and documentation of the Leica system, and to collecting cameras, lenses and accessories made for the system. Attention also is given to literature relating to the system and individuals who use it.

Please contact  Richard Rejino with the LHSA for more information -

Target group

The International Leica Society is open to everyone who shares an interest in Leica and its history. Members’ interests range from owning and using Leica products to discussing, researching and documenting information about Leica cameras and collecting literature about the many lenses and accessories made for the system.

Call the LHSA office at (972) 233-9107 or email us at

Events, Reisen & Abenteuer, Masterclass, Workshops
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