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Top of the top

Want to hear directly from the mouths of well-known, successful photographers how they managed to capture that perfect, iconic shot? The Leica Akadamie is proud to offer you this opportunity. Gain from the experience and expertise of the top photographers, who are willing and eager to share their experience, tips and know-how through these exciting workshops.


"Looking for One's Vision":

20. August 2017 - 22. August 2017
“My Leica allows me to be there and invisible.” -Patrick Zachmann

INTERNATIONAL LEICA SOCIETY - 50th Anniversary Jubilee year. - CHICAGO

05. October 2017 - 08. October 2017
LHSA - The International Leica Society is celebrating the beginning of their 50th Anniversary Jubilee year. Join the LHSA for four days in Chicago in October 2017