Leica Akademie Range

What Leica Akademie has to offer

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Holiday for the eyes

Our curiosity about the world around us awakens the desire for adventure. This then leads to travel, and the final result is valuable experience. We naturally desire to share our newfound experience with all around. But sometimes, one needs a bit of distance in order to completely and accurately recall the story. And of course photographs which capture the essence of those moments. This was exactly why the Leica Akademie was created – and Leica Journeys and Adventures. Come away with us to far away places! We’ll make sure to provide you with brilliant cameras and lenses, durable sport optics and precision tools to capture every moment along the way. Not one experience will go undocumented on the trail of adventure. And at the end, you’ll be able to share your stories with everyone you wish – in high-resolution images, to be exact.