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“My theory is that you can see talent and vision in the eyes. That’s why they’re clearly at the forefront.”

Improvisation plays an important role in jazz – using the moment and being spontaneous. “This plan B is a central component,” Till Brönner explains. The trumpet player, singer and composer likes to set himself new challenges – and not only in music. His photography also frequently reveals his spontaneous side. “The shorter the session, the better the result. That means either intense preparation or a reduction to the essential.” Brönner focuses mainly on musicians or other artists that he encounters during his work playing jazz. Five pictures, ten at most – this is his approach to producing the black and white portraits that he takes after a performance, during a joint interview, at a dinner. The camera has become a constant companion when he is on tour. He uses it to capture anything he finds important. “A frame, a face without too much stuff or hair around it, inevitably draws the glance to the eyes. Even so, you still need to be able to recognize the person. I prefer if it’s ‘recognition at a second glance’, in which case, so much the better.” Nowadays, Brönner also gives the places he travels to a similar degree of concentration and intensity. He also considers it important that his street photography have no fixed style, but rather remain open to whatever comes along. “Street photography offers a wonderful contrast to portrait photography – here the observer, on the other side the person setting the scene.”

Till Brönner was born in Viersen in 1971. After receiving a classical training, he studied jazz trumpet at the Music School in Cologne. In addition to his international solo career, Brönner has been a Professor at the Dresden Music School since 2009. In 2014 TeNeus published his first, large photo book, titled Faces of Talent. Brönner lives in Berlin and Los Angeles.

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