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“People in themselves have got to mean something to the photographer before he will be able to produce a speaking likeness of them.”

A precise chronicler and sensitive portraitist, Kurt Hutton (1893–1960) is one of the most important pioneers of English photojournalism. After a short time as an assistant to Germaine Krull, he first opened a portrait studio in Berlin in 1921, but then began to work increasingly as a reportage photographer. A Leica provided him with the necessary flexibility and mobility for his photography. He began his career as a photo journalist in 1930 at the Berlin Dephot photo agency set up by Simon Guttmann. After emigrating to England in 1934, he changed his surname from Hübschmann to Hutton in 1937. He worked for Weekly Illustrated and as of October 1930 belonged to the first staff of Picture Post, founded by the legendary photo editor, Stefan Lorant, who had also emigrated from Germany. Until 1950 over 900 of his pictures series had appeared in Picture Post. Hutton moved to Aldeburgh in 1951, where he became the composer Benjamin Britten’s photographic biographer.

Kurt Hutton was born Kurt Hübschmann in Strasbourg on 11 August, 1893. 1911–1913 he studied Law at Queen’s College in Oxford. He served in the war up until 1918, after which he convalesced in St. Moritz, Switzerland. 1921 he married Margereta ‘Gretl’ Ratschitzky. After working as an assistant to Germaine Krull, he set up a portrait studio in Berlin. In 1934 he emigrated to London where he was a successful photo journalist. Hutton died in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, in 1960.

A special thanks goes to the Hulton Archive (Getty Images, London), whose support made this exhibition possible. The book Kurt Hutton: Pioneer of Photojournalism.

Kurt Hutton, Sarah M. Lee & Anatol Kotte

29/11/2017 - 20/02/2018

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