The finest materials produce the finest images

Cameras in Leica’s Compact line feature only the fastest, best-quality lenses and the top-performing CMOS sensors. Discover sharper images with compact cameras from Leica.


Easy to handle, whether in manual or automatic mode

From novice to professional, anyone can benefit from the Leica Compact line, featuring various manual settings for the experienced photographer and automatic snapshot mode for the beginner.


For the best video quality

The Leica V-Lux and D-Lux record moving pictures in 4K, the high-definition video format with four times the resolution of full-HD.

Find the right compact for you

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Get closer

The Leica C-Lux is a real eye-catcher, whether in Light-Gold or Midnight-Blue.

At the same time, it impresses with what’s inside: with a high-performance 20-megapixel sensor and readiness to shoot 10 frames per second, its components are all perfectly matched to each other – from the sensor to the lens. This ensures that fleeting moments are captured spontaneously in split seconds and that there is never the fear of missing those special moments.

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Inspired by life

As a high-performance Leica compact camera the Leica D-Lux features an extremely fast lens with an initial aperture of f/1.7. In combination with its large sensor and a zoom range of 24 to 75 mm (35 mm equivalent), it guarantees boundless photographic freedom. The D-Lux is simple and intuitive to use, integrates a Wi-Fi module to provide remote control from a smartphone or tablet and includes an electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 2.8 megapixels. With the Leica „Three-year warranty“, the D-Lux delivers more peace of mind.

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The world is an open book

The ideal composition of every subject is quickly found in the high-resolution rangefinder of Leica V-Lux. Its autofocus is amazingly fast.The1" sensor offers almost infinite opportunities. An enormously broad range of photos, from macro to extreme telephoto, is guaranteed by its 25 to 400 mm (35 mm equivalent) super-zoom lens. A 4K video format, an integrated Wi-Fi module and the Leica „Three-year warranty“, perfect the variety of functions of the Leica V-Lux.

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