Conserve value – and redefine it

Bringing a whole new life to valuable Leica equipment, the Leica SL is compatible with all Leica R-Lenses from the past, thanks to two Leica adapters specially developed for the mirrorless system. The Leica R-Adapter L supports all Leica R-Lenses with a ROM module and contacts, and automatically detects the profile of each lens. This solution provides compatibility with the majority of R-Lenses manufactured after 1976.

An alternative option caters for R-Lenses without ROM or those built before 1976: combining an M-Adapter L with an R-Adapter M provides a solution that is compatible with all Leica R-Lenses ever built. The lens profile can be selected from the list of lenses within the camera menu.

LEICA SL-SYSTEM - Supported lenses by R-Lens adapters

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