M-Adapter L / R-Adapter L

Use the legendary Leica M and R lenses on your Leica TL.

Leica_M-Adapter-L-960x640.png LEICA-TL-DETAILS-KOMPATIBEL-MIT-SYSTEM-2_teaser-960x640 LEICA-TL_EQUIPMENT_TL-SYSTEM_M-ADAPTER-1_teaser_960x640.jpg

Broaden your creative horizons

The M-Adapter L and the R-Adapter L allow you to mount and use the legendary lenses of the Leica M and R systems on the Leica TL. The adapters support all functions such as exposure metering, automatic aperture priority exposure, and manual setting.

Name Order number
Leica R-Adapter M, black paint 14642
Leica M-Adapter L 18771