Photography is our passion – the pursuit of the best image is our motivation. At Leica, this includes everything from camera designers to Leica Store employees, from amateur to professional photographers. Often, the quest for the best image focuses on the technology of the products. However, emotions are triggered especially by fantastic photographs.

Leica Stores around the globe are becoming places to experience our passion – each for a period of three months – with selected topics from the world of photography. The first topic is bokeh. Find true inspiration when you visit a Leica Akademie course or visit one of our Leica Stores to directly experience our passion.

What does BOKEH mean?

Bokeh is a Japanese word meaning ‘blur’, and describes the pleasing or aesthetic quality of the out-of-focus blur in a photograph.

The human eye is, however, unable to perceive this unsharpness in the real world. This is the reason why pictures with bokeh always appear magical, surreal or fanciful.


With the bokeh of a Leica lens, I add a tangible dream to the background of every subject or portrait.
Ivo von Renner

To illustrate wonderful bokeh, you need a foreground that is not so far away and a background with contrasts, small elements and highlights to enable you to see very beautiful, soft and flowing light.


The well-proportioned gentleness of the light relegates what goes on in the background to secondary importance. In this way, the photographer decides on the message to be transported by the picture.

More about Bokeh
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Portrait-Akademie 1512 x 1008

In its extensive programme of photographic workshops, the Leica Akademie offers you the opportunity to enjoy an intensive experience of the broad spectrum of photographic creativity.

One example of what is offered by the Leica Akademie is, for instance the use of bokeh for the creation of imaginative pictures. Enrich your creative photography, and let us guide you to the best possible picture.

Leica lenses
with that certain bokeh

A particularly appealing bokeh speaks for the excellence of the lens with which it is captured.

Different lenses produce different bokeh effects, depending on their optical construction. Many Leica lenses are known for their especially creamy bokeh – if used creatively, this enables photographers to achieve incomparable visual effects in their pictures.

More Details

A sharply focused portrait that appears out of a misty background, a person against a backdrop of dancing, brightly coloured rings or a blossom that first reveals its magical nature when it emerges from the surrounding unsharpness.

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Experience the magic of beautiful bokeh in our Leica Stores around the world. Our Leica Stores are meeting places that offer dialogue and opportunities to experience the world of photography.

Here is where you can find insider-tips, fascinating facts and inspiration for your creative photography.

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