Leitz-Park 2018

Leitz-Park – Ein Ort für das Wesentliche

Welcome to Leitz-Park

Visit us in Wetzlar

Two years after the first ground was broken, the company is celebrating a new milestone in the history of Leica – the completion of the Leitz-Park complex in Wetzlar. Visitors are warmly invited to visit the Leitz-Park complex from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday 17 June 2018 – and can look forward to discovering a unique location combining spectacular architecture with groundbreaking technological developments and cultural highlights.

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Alongside exhibitions of the exceptional work of photographers Ray Barbee, Tine Acke, Mathieu Biton and Michael Agel, the acclaimed anniversary exhibition ‘Eyes wide open! 100 years of Leica photography’ is also making a guest appearance at the opening of the Leitz-Park, after celebrating successes at numerous venues around the globe. The Leica Gallery will also be presenting photography by Bruce Davidson, who will be honoured with this year’s Leica Hall of Fame Award as a tribute to his lifework and his invaluable contribution to photography.

The programme will also include talks and presentations by experienced photographers and speakers. The ‘Nature Lounge’ will be presenting Leica Sport Optics and inviting guests to explore the newly created ‘Nature Trail’ in the neighbouring Leitz Park Wood. The World of Leica will also be open on Sunday and offers visitors insights into numerous fascinating aspects.

Food, drinks, musical entertainment and a fantastic programme of fun and games for children are all laid on – and there’s no need to book in advance. Advice, sales and services will not be available on Sunday.

Leitz-Park 2018

A place for values and visions

The new site is the home of four buildings: The Leica Camera AG building will offer its future visitors more top-class exhibitions, a museum, a Leica archive, a Store and the Leica Akademie. With 129 rooms and suites in modern interior design, the arcona LIVING ERNST LEITZ HOTEL visualises the world of Leica in a variety of ways and offers its guests the perfect opportunity for an overnight stay in style.

The hotel, which opened on 1 May 2018, has a restaurant with a patio for both its guests and visitors to the Leitz-Park. A further building is occupied by CW Sonderoptic GmbH. The six-storey office block on the new site is currently occupied by Leitz-Park GmbH, the Internet agency ‘Die Interaktiven’, a medical technology company and a physiotherapy practice.

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann Standard-Bild_Spatenstich-Leitz-Park-III Lageplan_Kisselbach

Ground-breaking ceremony

June 2016

The next step on the way from a vision to a reality: The breaking of the ground for the third phase of the Leitz Park complex is the next big step forward in the development of Wetzlar as a location for innovation and manufacturing and as the foremost centre of the optical industry in Germany.

Around 250 invited guests, among them Dr. Christoph Ullrich, President of the Giessen administrative district, Manfred Wagner, Mayor of the City of Wetzlar and Wolfgang Schuster, District Administrator of the Lahn-Dill region, joined Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, majority shareholder and chairman of the advisory board of Leica Camera AG, and Oliver Kaltner, chairman of the executive board of Leica Camera AG, to celebrate the expansion of the Schanzenfeld site at the south-east gate of the City of Wetzlar.