Leica binoculars
Moving moments …

... first come to life when you can recognise even the smallest details. Leica has been a name associated with excellence and quality in the construction of binoculars for over 100 years. We combine superior optics, precision-engineered mechanical components and first-class design in all our products and innovations. No matter whether for birdwatching or wildlife observation, travel or leisure activities - our range of binoculars is certain to offer the ideal companion to meet your individual needs. Identify even the tiniest details and finest structures and experience the joy of a bright, crystal-clear and high-contrast view.
With Leica you can enjoy a close-up view while maintaining a respectful distance.


Leica Ultravid – for the perfect viewing experience

The high-end glasses used in the Ultravid series are clear proof of what modern technology can achieve: Ultravid HD binoculars offer impressive light-gathering performance and outstanding resolving power paired with ultra-light, high-strength materials, increased image brightness, high contrast and particularly ergonomic handling. This combination makes them the first choice for discerning birdwatchers and wildlife observers.

Leica Trinovid – rugged and reliable

These rugged and resilient all-rounders are perfect for demanding outdoor situations. The Trinovid name stands for proven, rugged and dependable construction with very good optical characteristics. Ideal for discerning entry-level users.

Leica Duovid – two magnification factors and a razor sharp view

Binocular telescopes bridge the gap between binoculars and spotting scopes. Two magnification factors in one pair of premium binoculars make them truly unique.

Leica Ultravid Compact Binoculars - pocket sized perfection

Reminiscent in style of full-size Ultravid binoculars, these compact Ultravids offer superior optical performance in a pocket size format. Their uncompromising optical and mechanical precision makes them the ideal choice for discerning observers. A range of different versions offers the right pair of binoculars for every need.

Leica Trinovid compact binoculars – proven quality in a handy size

Trinovids are dependable companions that use with tried-and-tested technology to deliver outstanding optical performance. They are an ideal choice for lovers of the great outdoors around the world to first discover the joys of professional wildlife observation.

Leica Monovid – elegant design, outstanding optical performance

Spectacular insights into the microcosm of flora and fauna: the delightfully compact size of the Leica Monovid makes it the perfect companion wherever you go. This tiny featherweight finds room enough in the smallest pocket and is swiftly to hand to observe the finest details of objects near or far.


Perfectly matched and practical accessories protect your Leica equipment and make it even more versatile and easier to use.