The Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 32 in two different versions

The Leica Ultravid HD-Plus range is now complete

By launching the Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 32, Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, has made the Leica Ultravid range of binoculars complete. The technology from the latest generation of the Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 42 and Ultravid HD-Plus 50 is now the basis for the new Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 32 models. In comparison with the earlier models, the use of this technology has once again significantly increased light transmission.

A new high-temperature plasma-coating process deposits thin films of top-quality materials on the lens elements of the new Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 32. In addition, the largest optical elements in the binoculars – the prisms – are made from Schott HT high-transmission glass. Together, these two factors significantly increase light transmission.

As Nanette Roland, product manager at Leica Sport Optics, explains, ‘All the proven features of the Leica Ultravid HD range, such as its compact design, remain unchanged in the new HD-Plus 32 binoculars.’ ‘Its resolving power, however, has been given a significant boost. This has been achieved first and foremost thanks to the optical excellence of top-quality lense elements, which guarantee exceptional colour fidelity, unrivalled contrast, a clear view and optimum resolution of details.’

All Leica Ultravid HD-Plus models excel with robust and reliably engineered mechanical components and systems designed to ensure optimum handling even in extreme situations and unfavourable light, and are perfectly matched to users’ needs. Innovative AquaDura® coating ensures a crystal-clear view in all weather conditions and protects the lenses against scratching and abrasion. What’s more, the shockabsorbent armouring protects the binoculars against damage and provides excellent grip for safe and steady handling.

Only one and a half turns of the large, easily accessible focusing wheel are needed to precisely shift the plane of focus from the closest focusing distance to infinity. The extraordinarily compact dimensions of the binoculars also make the Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 32 one of the least obtrusive in its class and an ideal companion on any field excursion, hike or hunting trip.

The Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 32 models are available with eight- and tenfold magnification and are identified by an engraved ‘HD’ in red on the left-hand strap lugs of the binoculars.

The new Leica Ultravid HD-Plus 32 binoculars will be available from authorised Leica dealers from August 2015. The Leica Ultravid 8 × 32 HD-Plus is available for 1,850 euros and the Leica Ultravid 10 × 32 HD-Plus for 1,900 euros (all prices are recommended retail prices). Each model is supplied complete with a padded, high-quality Cordura case for optimum product protection. Also included are front-lens and eyepiece caps and a contoured neoprene carrying strap.

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