The organisation of purchasing at Leica Camera AG is strategically centralised (Wetzlar) and operationally decentralised. Operational (product line) purchasing takes place in both manufacturing locations.

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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Leica Purchase Management

Leica Camera AG

Leica Purchase Management
Am Leitz-Park 5
35578 Wetzlar

Phone: +49 (0) 6441 2080 - 0


All contacts

Strategic purchasing

Strategic Purchasing is your contact and partner in all matters regarding cooperative activities and is responsible for collaboration with Quality Management on the choice and assessment of suppliers, 
project and production start-ups,
 price and cost agreements, basic agreements and
 volume contracts. 
In close collaboration with Operational Purchasing, 
Strategic Purchasing regulates ordering and material planning and manages all projects and start-ups up to serial-production maturity, taking immediate action in cases of serial-production-process disruption. Together with our Quality Management, Strategic Purchasing is your partner for audits, choice of suppliers and supplier assessment.

Operational purchasing

Operational Purchasing is your contact and partner in all matters regarding contract processing under serial-production conditions. The department is responsible for material planning and material procurement in terms of volumes and deadlines.

Purchasing Team

Click here to see who belongs to Leica’s reputable Purchasing Team. If you require any further information or would like to contact a representative of our Purchasing Team, please let us know and we'll be happy to assist.

Puchasing Team Contacts

Ulrich Weigel
Divisional Manager Purchasing
phone +49(0)6441/2080-565
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-271

Andrea Link
Assistent of Division Purchasing
phone +49(0)6441/2080-644
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-271

Wolfgang Schermuly
Assistant Purchasing Manager / authorised signatory
Product group: Flashlights, Lenses, Tripod, OEM-products
phone +49(0)6441/2080-223
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-271

Valentin Braun
Product groups: Process materials, Consumables, Non-production materials
phone +49(0)6441/2080-362
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-326

Günther Rücker
Senior Purchaser / Supplier Assessor
Product groups: Plastics, Print media, Services, Non-production materials
phone +49(0)6441/2080-210
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-326

Michael Wolf
Strategic Purchaser
Product groups: Optics, Rubber, Bags, Packaging
phone +49(0)6441/2080-225
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-271

Markus Schmitt
Strategic Purchaser
Product groups: Non-production material
phone +49(0)6441/2080-219
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-271

Frank Becker
Strategic Purchaser
Product groups: Mechanical and standard components domestic, Surface-finishing, Semi-finished products
phone +49(0)6441/2080-454
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-271

Frank Kraft
Strategic Purchaser
Product groups: Mechanical and standard components international, Die-casting, Software, Imaging
phone +49(0)6441/2080-391
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-271

Jan Meyer
Strategic Purchaser
Production groups: Elektronics
phone +49(0)6441/2080-224
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-271

Marco Ruecker
Strategic Purchaser
Risk management, Producttransfer
phone +49(0)6441/2080-239
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-271

Rui Martins
Strategic Purchaser
Production groups: Optical/mechanical assemblies
phone +49(0)6441/2080-633
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-271

Purchasing Portfolio

Choose from mechanical components, surface finishing, electronics, rubber, bags, packaging, print media, die-casting or plastics.

Leica Purchasing Portfolio

Mechanical components

• Turned steel components

• Milled steel components

• Turned NF-metal components

• Milled NF-metal components

• Precision stamped components

• Standard components

• Springs

Surface finishing

• Galvanisation

• Painting

• Coating


• Blanks

• Semi-finished lenses

• Optical/mechanical assemblies


• Assembly services

• Circuit boards, HDI, FPC, rigid-flex

• Sensors

• Displays

• Components


• Mouldings

• O-rings


• Leather

• Cordura


• Folding cartons in E/F corrugated card

• Rigid boxes

• Foams

Print media

• Manuals

• Brochures


• Die-cast aluminium components

• Die-cast magnesium components

• Precision castings


• Mouldings

• Machined components in PEEK and POM

Approval Procedure

Approval as an official supplier of Leica Camera AG may be given after completion of the following procedures.

Phase 1: Supplier application

Please complete and return your Supplier Application Form by fax or by email to the appropriate strategic purchaser for your product category.
 You can download the application below.

Phase 2: Feedback from Leica Camera AG

You will receive confirmation of the receipt of your supplier application.

Phase 3: Supplier audit

A supplier audit, if considered necessary, will take place on your company premises. In general, such an audit is performed by the strategic purchaser, a member of the Quality Management Department and, if required, a member of the Technical Department.

Phase 4: Sample order

An order for samples is initiated by Leica Camera AG. The delivery of sample components for examination and approval is accompanied by a free first sample test report. A description of the approval process can be found in the menu under ‘Component approval'.

Phase 5: Supplier approval

You will be approved as a supplier of serial-production components following a positive audit and approval of the samples submitted.

Supplier approval

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Quality Management Team

The quality of Leica products is due to the quality of its team. See who’s hard at work behind the scenes of Leica Quality Management here. If you have any questions or would like to contact one of our team members, feel free to get in touch, and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

Quality management team contacts

Jochen Schädlich 
Divisional Manager Quality Management
phone +49(0)6441/2080-216
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-333

Sven Vollert
Section Manager QM Incoming Goods
phone +49(0)6441/2080-645
telefax +49(0)6441/2080-341