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You're invited to explore the intimate stories of "Wild Dogs" by Victory Tischler-Blue & "The Cozumel Diary - Hunter Thompson in Mexico" by Al Satterwhite in a dual exhibition at Leica Gallery Los Angeles from March 5th until April 13th, 2020.

"Wild Dogs" Exhibition

"Wild Dogs" is a documentary photographic series depicting the day-to-day life of old school courtesan’s - soul survivors who, through the world of sensual services, provide flesh and fantasy for the clients they serve. "It’s 95% therapy and 5% sex,” explains the Madam who owns the brothel. “The ladies are not only schooled in the art of seduction, but also know how to listen with compassion and connect with an open heart. There are a lot of lonely souls out there and we all need a friend".

"There’s a time warp deep in the Nevada desert; far beyond the seediness of the Las Vegas Strip; miles down long, lonely stretches of vanishing point highways - way out past the places where the wild horses roam. It seems like all roads lead to Wells and in that small Nevada town, across the obligatory train tracks stands Bella’s Hacienda Ranch – an old school brothel with a matchbook tagline that proudly boasts, 'If it swells in Wells, it stays in Wells…'”. - Victory Tischler-Blue


"The Cozumel Diary - Hunter Thompson in Mexico" Exhibition

Hunter and Al became fast friends in the early 70s when they met while each were covering the 1972 Republican Convention for different magazines. When Playboy Magazine decided to interview Hunter in Cozumel, Mexico Hunter asked Playboy to send Al as the story photographer. After the initial interview, Hunter wanted to hang out in Cozumel and convinced Al to stay a few extra days, not that he needed much convincing.The quest to visit every island bar was their sole agenda. After Cozumel Hunter and Al remained friends, often visiting one another. Satterwhite’s collection of images from their time in Cozumel, along with stories of their adventures in Florida including when Hunter would come down to Miami to write about President Nixon, are presented here.

“The edge... There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over…” - Hunter S. Thompson

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Dual Exhibition: Victory Tischler-Blue & Al Satterwhite

05/03/2020 - 13/04/2020
Gallery Los Angeles