X-hibition - Janice Wong X-hibition - Rosalynn Tay X-hibition - Alwyn Loh - Leica X Vario

Thesus Chan, et al.

Leica X-hibition

Leica Camera Asia Pacific is proud to host for the very first time, a joint collaboration for 7 creative individuals to showcase their photographs and creative artwork at the Leica X-Hibition at the Leica Galerie in Singapore. 7 artists come together on this one special night to showcase each of their own imaginative takes on their own photographic journeys. Employing a dramatically different style of story-telling, join Bu Shukun, Rosalynn Tay, Alwyn Loh, Janice Wong, Thesus Chan, Joan Leong and David Teo as they share their vision through the eye of Leica Camera.



Elliott Erwitt

The Macallan Masters of Photography: Elliott Erwitt Edition

Leica Camera Asia Pacific present “The Macallan Masters of Photography: Elliott Erwitt Edition, a collection of photographys by one of the most influential living photographers himself. This collection sees Erwitt interpret the unique richness and depth of Scottish character through his shrewd observation skill and subtle humourous style: capturing the heartland spirit of The Macallan in his Great Scottish Adventure.



Michael Lee

Life of Sea Gypsies

This April and May, we will see life in color with Master Photographer (MPAUK), Mr Michael Lee with a strong focus in travel photography.

His specialties include street candid, cultural and landscape photography. His respect for people and cultures has always generated new ideas in his workshops and tours to see Asia in its purest form. This collection will showcase a ethnic group of people known as the Bajau, an indigenous ethic group of Maritime Southeast Asia who live in Semporna, a small town at Sabah, East Malaysia.



Michael Agel

Behind the Black

“Behind the Black” is a collection of photographs by Michael Agel documenting the behind the scenes of legendary heavy metal band, Metallica. His images showcase why even after decades, Metallica still remains as one of the most successful bands of all time with its fans across the globe. Michael’s pictures capture the magic of each performer on stage and demonstrates the incredible atmosphere that fans experience at live events.



Mathias Heng, Kurt Kamka and Didier Houvenaghel

Left Behind

Together with Jaeger-Lecoultre, Leica Camera presented an emotional series of work entitled Left Behind about street children in Manila who need assistance, care and aid. The exhibition carried over 73 images and photographs were available for sale with full proceeds going to the TNK Foundation.



Mathias Heng

Faces of Hope

An on-going project since 11 March 2014, Faces of Hope is an exhibition and also a book on the aftermath of the Japan Tsunami and Fukushima radiation crisis. Mathias travelled to Japan after the tragedy and allowed his images to narrate a story that reaches into the realm of hope. While capturing the scenes of conflict, tragedy and disaster, Mathias believers that images help us understand the human condition better.