The triptych consists of the „Stones Were Lost from Base” and two earlier cycles: „Dream of White Elephants” and „Love Has to be Reinvented”. Zbierski has worked on this series for nine years. Each cycle constitutes a period of artistic development of the author, even though they overlap in time.

Piotr Zbierski’s photographs presented at the exhibition are very personal. They do not talk about the world as such, but rather about its structure. As an anthropologist, the author refers to the roots, to what was before the image. „That’s what I’m most interested in – a dialogue between the mental time and the common time, as well as the relationship with the past. We live in a time when the contact with the causes of the occurrence of the structures of language, logic, culture, and religion, is repeatedly broken, or superseded by modern hybrids. I’m interested in the processes of overlaping and erosion of these spaces, and in the quest to extract structure, which asks about where it came from; it is present now, but as a result of crossing through the centuries. It is breathing now, but it is covered with the dust of its ancestors. I choose places important for previous civilizations, such as the medieval astronomical observatory in Lithuania, as well as the mysterious shapes that have arisen through the forces of nature alone.”

The latest cycle – „Stones Were Lost from the Base” – is an essential part of the exhibition. Zbierski is crossing through centuries in search of the essence and the common link between human emotions. The artist is looking for a fixed and unchanging formula and the essence of the human race. He asks about the significance of the human race and the human imagination in the face of nature. Zbierski tries to restrict the representational aspect of his photographs: to leave only the permanent and blur the momentary states of affairs.


15/12/2016 - 29/01/2017

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