Flash case Leica D-Lux 7


The high-quality flash case in black-colored, brown or red leather guarantees optimum protection and perfect style when you are out and about for the Leica D-Lux's included compact flash.

The bag can be securely attached to all Leica carrying straps.

19545 | Flash Case schwarz | 1512x1008 BG=f4f4f4
19546 | Flash Case braun | 1512x1008 BG=f4f4f4
19547 | Flash Case rot | 1512x1008 BG=f4f4f4
Name Order number
Flash case D-Lux 7, leather, black 19545
Flash case D-Lux 7, leather, brown 19546
Flash case D-Lux 7, leather, red 19547
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