Outstanding images are never a matter of chance. They require a clear vision, courage, and the will to do whatever it takes to make an idea come to life – a set of qualities that is shared throughout our photographers. We cherish these individualists and their efforts. During this war, once a week there was a great advance, by now the jihadists were surrounded by all the fronts. Each advance occupied new positions, and we settled in the houses occupied by them shortly before. Sometimes filled with explosives and traps. They also used toys to hide traps. One day while I was walking around the camp I found this stuffed bear perched on a tank. Obviously, the contrast was very strong. But what I saw was a search for humanity by the soldiers, who very often the war tries to snatch from you. Being a photojournalist is a profession that also leads you to reflect in your emotional and personal sphere. Documenting a historical event is a job. But you often take pictures that you just keep to yourself. This is one of them.

Break the rules.

Change their view.

Tell the bitter truth.

Challenge the status.

Stand strong.

Don't look back.

Stay hungry.

Find the spark.

Risk. Fail. Repeat. Succeed.


Whatever it takes – be original.

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