Ball Head 18

Made with perfect Craftsmanship

Classic design meets compactness and ruggedness

Our new Leica ball head 18 series combines important features an ambitious photographer in search of a perfect classic ball head looks for. Designed in our traditional look combined with typical timeless and traditional values such as compactness and ruggedness makes these ball heads unique. The ball head is available in two sizes and two colors with a maximum load up to 7kg, so it fits perfect to different camera types. The small version weighs only 230g and the large version weighs 250g.
Perfect craftsmanship coupled with high class material such as brass, steel and aluminum lets the photographer feel the quality.

Name Order number
Leica Ball Head 18 long, silber 14110
Leica Ball Head 18 short, silber 14108
Leica Ball Head 18 long, black 14112
Leica Ball Head 18 short, black 14109