Focusing Screens

Interchangeable screens for your requirements

Focusing screens

The Leica S has a bright mirror reflex viewfinder which adapts to your personal requirements and preferences with interchangeable screens for individual requirements. With the Gridded Focusing Screen S, the range includes two optional focusing screens that permit optimum adaption to the subjects and situations at hand. Leica Microprism Focusing Screen S with manual focusing aids is also available now. The standard focusing screen is supplied with the Leica S.

Name Order number
Standard focusing screen S 16000
Microprism focusing screen S 16001
Gridded focusing screen S 16002
Leica S

Leica S

Medium Format Redefined

The new Leica S represents perfection in photographic performance. Both images and video are captured with selective sharpness. Professional video recordings to cine 4k standard are now possible. Furthermore, the new Leica S is characterised by its ultra-fast processor and, with a frame rate of 3.5 frames per second, sets a new standard in the medium format category.