Shutter Release Cable

For vibration-free exposures

Shutter release cable

The Shutter Release Cable S enables vibration-free shooting, for long time exposure or HDR shooting, for example. Additionally, the interlock of the shutter release offers an ideal bulb mode support.

Name Order number
Leica Shutter Release Cable S2 16012
Leica Shutter release cable S (Type 006) 16029

Leica S

Medium Format Redefined

The new Leica S represents perfection in photographic performance. Both images and video are captured with selective sharpness. Professional video recordings to cine 4k standard are now possible. Furthermore, the new Leica S is characterised by its ultra-fast processor and, with a frame rate of 3.5 frames per second, sets a new standard in the medium format category.

Leica S