Leica X

The essence of photography "made in Germany"

X, black
X, black X, silver

Brillant image quality

The extremely fast initial aperture of its Leica-Summilux 35 mm f/1.7 ASPH. lens creates an exceptionally beautiful bokeh, as a result, the exploration of the creative possibilities of selective focus is fascinating and particularly rewarding with the Leica X. The lens is almost completely insensitive to flare and ghosting affects. And all this is possible without an extra lens hood. It delivers bright, clear, and incredibly sharp photos – from infinity to a close-focus distance of only 0.2 metres. As well the CMOS sensor of the Leica X fulfills what its APS-C format promises: outstanding photos with exceptional colour fidelity and the finest rendition of details – even in unfavorable light.



Highest quality in every respect

The new Leica X fascinates with its timeless design that subtracts the superfluous to concentrate on the essentials. Above all, it delivers the highest quality with regard to materials and finish – down to even the tiniest details. Everything is produced in the finest quality metal available – from the body and the control elements to the optimised thumb switch and the lens cap. Magnesium is used for the front and rear body shells, and the top and base plates are anodised aluminum. A particular feature of the high-quality concept is a top plate machined from a single block of metal.



Focus on photos

The idea of removing the superfluous elements, leaving only the essentials, thus optimising the ability to concentrate on the picture – that’s really the basis of the handling concept of the new Leica X. Its clearly laid-out functions can be grasped intuitively and are simple to use. The fast and easy switch between manual and automatic modes inspires creativity. The large, high-resolution display shows precisely what the camera is capturing – brightly and in perfect detail – and provides a clear view, even in bright sunlight. All to ensure that there is no distraction from what’s most important: the picture.



Get up close

There is an immense world of beauty out there that is not always apparent to the eye until examined close up with the appropriate equipment. This is where the precision of the Leica X comes in. The Leica X allows you get up as close as 20cm to your subject and produces images with razor-sharp details, smooth colour gradations and the beautiful bokeh Leica lenses are famous for. In order to achieve the best possible results, it automatically stops down gradually from f/1.7 at 1.2m to f/2.8 at 20cm. We make sure you get the very best pictures.



Motion pictures

For all those situations in life where single pictures are not enough to capture the scene, the Leica X can record them in full-HD video. Easily and in exceptional quality. The videos are recorded at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and 30 full frames per second – and saved in the popular MP4 format. So nothing is easier than sharing movies video clips with friends and family.