Afternoon-Rains Coffee-Pickers Elizabeth Turning the coffee Watering the Seedlings

"Origin", Fine Art Photography from Tanzania by Jakob de Boer

Jakob de Boer, a Canadian film director/producer, fine art photographer and visual storyteller who, through his photography shares a desire to gain an understanding into the world around us with the camera acting as an investigative tool; a microscope. Influenced by painters like John Singer Sargent, Vermeer and Cavavaggio, Jakob spent years studying and deconstructing composition under the tutelage of numerous painters and darkroom master printers. His work has been influenced by filmmakers Ridley Scott, David Lean and Hayao Miazaki and their use of imagery to evoke emotion and tell a story.

Jakob’s large artistic photos depict the singularity and beauty of the setting, reveal the daily lives of the small community, where women are the protagonists, and narrate stories which invoke emotions and celebrate nature by the play of light skilfully captured by the eye of the photographer, an eye that is not only a witness, but a companion on a journey into the activities of the Songwa plantation.

When not shooting his own projects, Jakob is a prototype tester for Leica Camera. On his first trip to the Songwa plantation in March 2015, he was on assignment both for La Marzocco and Leica, testing the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) which has since been released on the market. Leica’s M246 captures authentic black and white photography, with stunning resolution and lovely subtle tonality.

A percentage of the proceeds for the sale of the photos, now and into the future, will be donated by 'La Marzocco' to benefit the community in the immediate vicinity of the plantation.
Founded in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi, La Marzocco had its beginnings in Florence, Italy. La Marzocco earns a world renown reputation for making beautiful, high quality, superbly crafted and uniquely designed espresso machines, with great attention to detail. Even today, La Marzocco remains an artisan company, while offering important
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You can see Jakob de Boer's pictures in the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) gallery or read an interview with him on the Leica blog.